Travel App

Brief: With an emphasis on illustration, icon, diagram and charts the brief was to design an app based around travel.

The Process

Paper Sketches

This was my original starting point for my app. I needed this to help me think about what each screen would look like.

Digital Wireframes

These digital wireframes helped me understand the shapes I would be working with. This also gave a chance to experience with colour.


Illustrating for this app was my favourite part, I explored an underwater theme and wanted to keep my coral illustrations simple yet effective. The homescreen illustration was fun to design and create because I really wanted it to become a sort of experience for the user, as if they are there with the coral.

Final Product

The end result of my app – Coral Buddy. I came up with various screens and illusions revolving deep sea diving to help save the coral reefs of the world. This is an important message that needs to be heard for this generation and I enjoyed researching all about it, making myself aware of the importance of the coral reefs. This was a fun project that got me thinking outside of the box and under the sea!